Hyperactive 6 year old
"Overall I definitely feel there has been a change." ... read more

35 year old Chiropractor
"I'm more aware, more present and more in control of my actions." ... read more

40 year old woman suffering from anxiety
"My family life is hugely more relaxed now due to the fact that I am far calmer than I used to be." ... read more

26 year old woman unable to recover from a severe traumatic experience
"The training has honestly proved to be nothing short of a revolution with abundant benefits in the context of my relationships with my self and the rest of the world that I encounter." ... read more

50 year old woman suffering from severe depression
"I read the journal I kept during my darkest months and am amazed at how bad it was. I am sure you do not fully realise what you did for me and my family and that you saved my life." ... read more

23 year old man who was a former drug addict
"I don't think I've ever felt this way my whole life. It truly is an amazing machine and process. Something that I am extremely grateful for. I finally now can live a normal life and it feels so good." ... read more

17 year old boy who was struggling at school
"I now also find it easier to sit down and focus on one particular task, and I feel more confident in myself." ... read more

51 year old business man wanting improved mental capacity
"I have noticed that the focus and sense of calm that I have developed since treatment, extend easily to the work environment and have led to me feeling far more effective in this role." ... read more

45 year old woman executive wanting improved ability to concentrate
"The first thing I noticed was that I regained the ability to focus during the day – for prolonged periods at a time in meetings." ... read more

14 year old boy struggling with school
"For the first time, he finished all his exam papers in the allotted time." ... read more

50 year old woman suffering from depression
"I'm sure you know how wonderful my body feels and my mind is so clear and free." ... read more


Audio: Listen to testimonials about the benefits of brain state conditioning. Recordings will be added as time goes by, so check back frequently.

PDF: Learn about the success of the Yavapi County probation trials - Download PDF.

PDF: Read about the trial conducted with inmates from The Nevada Dept of Corrections - Download PDF.


Woman suffering from situational stress
"Wow! What a shift in me! First I started to sleep better, then to feel more positive, actually, joy started to return." ... read more

17 year old schoolgirl unable to recover from glandular fever
"you have fixed me. i sleep.. i am calmer and i can hold my temper. i would just like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart." ... read more

40 year old man with progressive genetic disease, written by his PA
"The change is quite difficult to describe - it's an inner peacefulness, a sureness, or an acceptance of himself that wasn't there before." ... read more

44 year old woman suffering from exhaustion
"The best part is, I havent changed. I am still me, only a much better version" ... read more

16 year old boy suffering from normal teenage stresses
"During the process of the trainings I definitely noticed changes in the way I thought and acted" ... read more

30 year old woman with history of bipolar disorder
"My sleep patterns improved dramatically after the third session" ... read more

48 year old man suffering from severe depression
"I found the neuro-balancing training to be a simple and effective method of getting me out of the un-productive and unhealthy situation I was stuck in." ... read more

60 year old woman, previously suffering from depression after severe childhood trauma
"There isn't anything that gets me down -- my moods and my self-esteem have improved dramatically" ... read more

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