Life Solutions: Smoking Cessation

Would you stop SMOKING right now if it were easy? Here's how ...

Smoking cessation

The pleasures derived from smoking and using nicotine in other forms are many. In fact, nicotine is one of the few drugs that help us get “up” when we are “down” and “down” when we are “up”. Sounds like the perfect drug, doesn’t it? It may be the perfect drug to snare us into an addictive use. And, since it was at one time socially acceptable, culture allows for even more opportunity to nurture an addiction.

The Brain Balance Studio method for dealing with smoking cessation deals with the addiction of nicotine in a very aggressive manner. Even though talk therapy is helpful to understand the triggers that are in play when one smokes, talk therapy is not sufficient alone to provide the will and the work to stop smoking – to enhance or provide a new skill to be a non-smoker. Brain state conditioning does provide a new skill.

The conditioned brain pathways are activated by outside and inside stimuli to create a desire to smoke. Brain state conditioning removes that desire by creating new neuro-pathways and brain flexibility. A combination of aggressive brain state conditioning done twice daily for 4 days and a homeopathic remedy to help remove nicotine from the system and sustain focus provide an easy way to stop smoking. Contact us for an appointment when you are ready to schedule the easy smoking cessation leap to freedom.



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