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We each have bad habits or less than optimum performance in some areas of our lives. This can be something as simple as inability to remember, or it may be a drug or alcohol dependency. There are all types of cure-alls today for whatever ails us - unfortunately, most of thes cure-alls are at best temporary fixes. Brain Balance Studio provides a simple process to help our clients create permanent life changes. We use cutting-edge neuro training to help our clients achieve optimal results in real time.

Brain Balance Studio provides individual clients a structured approach to overcoming many personal issues. Talk to us about turning your life around. Children and adults benefit equally.

Personal issues include, but are not limited to, the following list of commonly diagnosed problems by the medical community:

Brain Balance Studio initially creates a neurofeedback plan which balances brain activity following the findings of one of our assessments. After brain balance (also known as brain-homeostasis) is achieved, we then move onto specific client goals and evolve neurofeedback training plans and exercises as our clients’ experiences and lives change accordingly.


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